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31 days and counting...
Yup.  I'm getting the con itch. 

Today, I got a message from a friend in Chicago working a business convention there, and found that Anime Central happend to be in the same place!  While he's in no way a fan of the con scene or anything anime/gaming/sci-fi/fur, he sent a few photos of con-goers for me (to showcase all these "weird people" lol).  Mind you, he has no idea of my fursona or this fandom, but I noticed a surprisingly large number of suiters there in the few photos.

I missed Elliot's this weekend, sadly, due to IRL work constraints and whatnot.  Which sucks, since O-town is an easy 7 hour drive for me, and the home to a large number of 'friends of Mickey.'   Erf.  

But, will make AC all the more exciting!  

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Need to figure out how to get you to Dragon Con.

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