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The things I learned at AC
Things I learned at my first AC:

First, the pros.

  - Others at the con, especially suiters and handlers, are usually considerate, caring and honest. 
I lost a headscarf in the headless lounge which I bought in Germany, and while it had little financial value, it kinda had sentimental value.   I figured it was gone for good, but I checked in with Con Ops before heading home, and someone turned it in.  Whoever you are, thank you :)

 - The Dorsai are awesome. 
  Great job at wrangling the elevator lines, checking badges, and keeping the drunken sports fans at bay.   They did it with precision and always with a great attitude.  Plus, it was nice that they understood and enforced 'suiter priority' in line - when you see a suiter going back to the room, chances are they're pretty hot already and need to take a break and get some water.

- Pittsburgh is a beautiful city. 
  Although I didn't explore it too much, the half-mile area or so around the hotel was beautiful, safe, clean, and historic.  Amazing skyscrapers, bridges, and rivers.  Very walkable.  I really liked it.   Much better than Atlanta IMHO.

-The Westin staff and local shop keeps were nice and never talked down to me/us.
Hey, this con may not be their "thing" but at least they didn't make me feel like a weirdo, like some of the hotel workers at FWA.  In fact, I loved how places like Furnandos made custom shirts and sold dog-bowls full of donuts for the con!

- People are so friendly and easy to talk to.  You can show up to the con solo and leave with more new friends than you ever thought possible. :)

But, some cons as well...

- Drunken brah-sportsfan douchebags suck.   They harrassed Nexus and I while waiting for the elevators after the dances, and while she might be more used to it as a mascot, I wasn't too happy with their negative sayings and what they kept inferring while taking photos 'to freak people out'.

- Beer.  Is it really that hard to find someplace to purchase beer around the hotel and bring back to your room?  Apparently so.  Even with 3 liquor stores within blocks of the hotel, none of them sold beer.  So, I had to make due with liquor....

-Everything closes early, or doesn't open at all.   I understand the '9-5' mentality with businesses there... similar to Atlanta... but with the thousands of congoers around, ready to spend money on nom noms, beverages, and other necessities (coolers, ice, Febreeze), one would think that most places would stay open around there. 

-Lazy non-suiters need to take stairs at the convention center during the busy times.  Don't cram the only elevator going to the con floor when a line of suiters really needs to use it.   That one flight of stairs won't kill ya.

-Same goes for in the hotel.  When you're going less than 5 flights, and not in suit/carrying anything, take the stairs.  It really is faster than the elevator, usually.

- Hardcore D-n-B and Dubstep is cool and all, but personally I find it hard to dance/glowstick to unrecognizable thumping with random noises.  The lighting and the space was super cool though... but please play more trance or house or pop-music remixes on the main floor.  The fursuit dance lounge was pretty cool, but didn't have the feel of the main ballroom.

Anthrocon. So much win.
Yes, I know it's been a few days since AC ended.  I guess the PCD (post-con depression) is settling in...and with the hectic trip back home and getting back to work I haven't had much time to post here. 

But all I can say is.  Wow.  SO Freaking cool.   Met with awesome people, I made some awesome friends, had a fun time suiting, great dances, lots of photos, cute plush purchases, a bit of alcohol imbibing..... and tasty treats at Furnandos. ;)

More posts to follow with details, but for now, just a placeholder... and the first step in the several phases of overcoming PCD.  :3

In the process of processing the images and movies I took and taken of me and others... Be sure to come back soon!

31 days and counting...
Yup.  I'm getting the con itch. 

Today, I got a message from a friend in Chicago working a business convention there, and found that Anime Central happend to be in the same place!  While he's in no way a fan of the con scene or anything anime/gaming/sci-fi/fur, he sent a few photos of con-goers for me (to showcase all these "weird people" lol).  Mind you, he has no idea of my fursona or this fandom, but I noticed a surprisingly large number of suiters there in the few photos.

I missed Elliot's this weekend, sadly, due to IRL work constraints and whatnot.  Which sucks, since O-town is an easy 7 hour drive for me, and the home to a large number of 'friends of Mickey.'   Erf.  

But, will make AC all the more exciting!  

Busy husky

Lets see.... over the past month or so, in between the craziness of real life -

-I've made contacts with a few furs heading to AC, including nexus_folf - a Furlington (wait...scratch that - BURlington) Vermont dweller, goes to UVM, and is RALLY frickin' CATAMOUNT!  ^_^

-Got the photos from the FWA photo shoot.  I'll put a few of the choice shots later.  So glad I ran home and got my stick!

-Got my badge commission from Tanginello in the mail.   Amazing detail and coloring, and what a cool piece.

-Arranged for a few more comish's for pick up when I arrive.  Kavik as a Gryffindor alum FTW!

-Picked up a lamination machine to cover a few of the items that weren't already laminated.   About $19 at Costco, and does an amazing job.  Now I just need a ID-hole punch....

-Arranged for some arm-length paws, and detachable tail from Shengoh.  Will make the dances a bit more comfortable so I won't have to wear a long sleeve shirt under my t-shirt, and I can attach a tail to my dancepants :3 

-Got my Action Packer and some TSA-approved locks.  I may hack my case with a ziptie-loop or canvas strap to put my name tag /luggage sticker tag through.  (since they're designed to go around a handle on a suitcase...and stickers don't stick to the box)

-Got some more Under Armour base-layers for freshness every day, and a wetsuit-style hanger with a built in fan... which cuts the drying time of my suit in half!

Well, that's about it.  Between now and AC will be a busy time, out of the town for most of it.  (Too bad Euroference isn't now, 'cause I'll be in Germany) 

Getting to Pittsburgh will be so nice.  ^^;

FWA 2011 - Dance competition performer/music list

I really liked some of the songs and dancers during the dance competition, but stupidly didn't bring my camera or phone to record the performances or take notes of the music. In particular, I really liked the one with lyrics like Ke$ha's "Tik Tok".

I'm waiting to hear back from FWA masters to see if they have an official list of performer/song, but I highly doubt I'll get a response. So, here's my best attempt from Shazam/Soundhound tags and Youtube videos:

1. SkRat - Gravitron by Sito Oner Rock
2. Twiggy - Grand Theft Ecstasy by Feed Me
3. Doryuu - Bass Down Low by Dev
?. Frisky - Whachadoin (feat. Spank Rock, M.I.A., Santogold & Nicks Zinner) by N.A.S.A.
4. ? - Canned Heat by Jamiroquai
5. Sadarius - Ridin' Solo by Jason Derülo
6. Wolfknight - Slackjaw? by ?
7. ? - Feel It (Three 6 Mafia vs. Tiësto) [with Sean Kingston & Flo Rida] by Three 6 Mafia vs. Tiësto [with Sean Kingston & Flo Rida]
8. Oreo - Newjack by Justice
9. Kwik Cheetah - Tik Tok Rok by Versecity
10. Mangusu - I Think I Like It by Blood
11. Phor - ?
12. Skroy - Somebody to Love by Justin Bieber

I know there are more performers and songs, but this is all I could find so far. Thanks to SIlverSimba01 and princessrei for their YouTube videos!

Please comment if you have any more info to add to the list! ^^;

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AC2011 is go!
Well, Its official.   I bit the bullet, and booked my airtickets and attendance membership for AC2011.  93 days and counting!   Now I just need to work out the hotel details.   I posted to AC's forum and see how that works out.

These cons are like crack.  After the first hit, you're hooked.  :-)

FWA 2011 - Quick photo aggregate

Photos of me. From FWA 2011 :3  


Molson makes a happy husky



Kavik n Frisky

Kavik, Kohaku, and Littlewolf


FWA - Sunday
Well, all good things must come to an end.  After a long night/early morning, I wanted to get up and have one more set of photos taken at the photo studio - this time with my hockey stick.

When I took my photos the day before, they didn't have a prop hockey stick, but some plastic lawn flamingos.   While they were good in theory, they looked kinda goofy... so I went home to pick up the stick and try again Sunday morning.

I rushed out of bed and showered, and headed down to the studio right as they opened at 10, to see if there was going to be a wait like Saturday.   Thankfully, there wasn't, so I rushed upstairs and in 10 minutes, got my full suit back on MYSELF!!! I grabbed my stick, and headed downstairs for some great shots.    Purchased some more prints, and can't wait to see the shots when they are uploaded.

I then rushed back upstairs to get changed, packed, and out the door.    By that time, people were waking up and doing the same thing...scrambling to get out the door by the 12:00 checkout time.    Elevators were swamped.  So, I had to make three trips to the car with my stuff using the stairs, and man is that tiring.   It felt hotter than being in my suit!

I loaded up the Disco and took one last walk around the con floor.   People were heading out, getting their last goodbyes and shopping fixes before their next con.  I packed up and fought the Atlanta Marathon / Interstate construction traffic to get home, and then promptly passed out for a bit before  starting the unpacking/Febreezing/washing process of stuff.

All in all, an amazing time.   I can't wait... 91 days I believe until AC, and I'm hoping to get at least airfare and con tickets this week.  

More photos posted up later, or will be on my webpage:    http://web.me.com/kavikhusky

FWA - Saturday
Well, after a late night and some alcohol consumption, it was a bit rough getting up in the AM, but my friend who crashed in the room and I made it up about 11.00, showered, and started off.

We checked out the dealer booths, the artist den, and took photos of suiters and whatnot around the con.  Grabbed a bite in the mall and headed back to see the fursuits gathering in the main hall for the parade.  I took a few photos and looked at the time. . . .and debated for a moment if I should go get my full suit on, or just watch.    It was an internal struggle....
   ....I was unsure about my comfort level walking around different terrains for the parade, the heat of the suit, afraid something might not look right, cutting holes in my hockey pants, etc
   ....but this was the whole reason I dropped some serious coin on a fursuit :-D

Guess which side won.   ^__^

I rushed up with my friend to get the suit on, and with my practice of quick-gear changes for hockey practice, it took about 10 minutes to change from a mild-mannered gawker to a hockey playing husky for the parade.    And all in all, wasn't too bad for mobility and vision, and thankfully I had the Under Armour shirt/pants/skullcap underneath to help with the heat.

I made it down to the meeting hall right about the time the doors opened up for us to parade around.   I ended up behind the ukulele-playing/Keytar-playing foxy couple singing Ke$ha, Lady Gaga, and Train.   It made me laugh and helped me keep the beat, and really get into it.   Of course, hindsight is 20-20, and I really wished I brought my hockey stick, but I think I had my photo taken a bunch, in my unique nothern-Quebec hockey jersey.    And I was able to escape the sun for the group photo.

After the parade, all the suiters made it back around and into the headless lounge, and I got a FWA water bottle and got to see everyone else, chat with others, and just hang out.   It was great.

I then went across to the photo studio, and waited to get my photo taken.  I got a cool looking badge, and can't wait to see the other shots that came out.  Even better - I met two furs from Philly  (Kohaku and Little Wolf) who were great to chat with and learn a bit more about AC, their suits, etc.   We exchanged information later - we'll certainly keep in touch.

After photos, I had to head back to the room and dry off/cool down.   I showered and my buddy and I got a bite to eat, came back, did some more shopping, and I got partial-furred to go down and watch the dance competition.     Amazing show... I reallllllly wished I kept my phone with me to remember some of the fursona names and songs they danced to.   One song was called "slackjaw" I think, and another was some hip-hop remake with the lyrics from Tik-Tok, but with a Tiesto-ish beat?    All in all, it was amazing.

Sadly, my friend had to leave during the performance, but I headed upstairs and got my dance-gear again for another night of raving.   Again, I was glad I brought my dance pants and long-sleeve shirt, as dancing in my full suit would have probably been a bit too much for my first full-out fursuit experience.     The dancing was great - again, the music was just ok.... not bad, but not the kind of stuff I usually like.  It was the other furs and taking breaks in the lounge, chatting with people, scritching on the dance floor, glowsticking.    

I made it back to the room about 4AM.   Got out of the gear.   Passed out.   Happy husky.

FWA - Friday
Friday night was getting settled, and trying out the suit for the first time.   I had some friends come by that night for dinner and to hang out/people watch/go to the dances, and thankful for it.   I couldn't zip myself into my actual suit!   (note to self - bring a clip-on lanyard like wetsuits.)

I decided to wear a 'partial' to the dance - with my rave pants, long-sleeve Burton tshirt, and my paws/footpaws/head.  Grabbed the glowsticks.... and my friend in his bunny-suit, other friends, the camera, and off we went. 

The dance was so much fun.  The music was.... alright.  Some good songs.  The lighting was good.  But that wasn't what made it great... the energy and vibe of everyone is what made it rock, especially the other suiters.   So much fun.  I was off in another world.   Last year, the dance was great too.  But I didn't have the feeling of kinship like I did this time.   Others in suits actually danced with me, and that made me happy.

I forgot to put my skullcap on though, and learned for future times how important it was to put that on... I kept having sweat in my eyes!  But I didn't care.  It was sooo totally worth it.

Passed out in the room.  Ready for more on Saturday.

Bring it.