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Well, I finally got my duct tape dummy finished... with the much-appreciated help of three very close friends (and after lots of questions and wine!).  It was pretty tight, not "cutting-off-my-circulation" tight but enough that I couldn't move around at all.  Thankfully, the how-to's at fursuit.org helped to ensure we did it right, and something I didn't think about - to mark the lines when you're cut out of the dummy with "X" - they help ensure you tape it back together properly!

Took about 2 hours to complete.  A few days later, it took about an hour to carefully tape up all the seams where I was liberated from the DTD.  All in all, I think it turned out pretty well.  I felt like I was hunched over a bit towards the end though - standing for two hours was a bit much!   I would try to stand up straight and it wouldn't budge... hopefully it doesn't affect the actual suit....

Obligatory pics.....the DTD is just hanging from a hangar so they look a bit lumpy and wider in the waist area, of course.  :-)   They're now in the mail on their way to get transformed into a physical representation of my fursona!  *bounce bounce bounce*

DTD frontside  DTD back  DTD side  dtd side