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Anthrocon. So much win.
Yes, I know it's been a few days since AC ended.  I guess the PCD (post-con depression) is settling in...and with the hectic trip back home and getting back to work I haven't had much time to post here. 

But all I can say is.  Wow.  SO Freaking cool.   Met with awesome people, I made some awesome friends, had a fun time suiting, great dances, lots of photos, cute plush purchases, a bit of alcohol imbibing..... and tasty treats at Furnandos. ;)

More posts to follow with details, but for now, just a placeholder... and the first step in the several phases of overcoming PCD.  :3

In the process of processing the images and movies I took and taken of me and others... Be sure to come back soon!

The things I learned at AC
Things I learned at my first AC:

First, the pros.

  - Others at the con, especially suiters and handlers, are usually considerate, caring and honest. 
I lost a headscarf in the headless lounge which I bought in Germany, and while it had little financial value, it kinda had sentimental value.   I figured it was gone for good, but I checked in with Con Ops before heading home, and someone turned it in.  Whoever you are, thank you :)

 - The Dorsai are awesome. 
  Great job at wrangling the elevator lines, checking badges, and keeping the drunken sports fans at bay.   They did it with precision and always with a great attitude.  Plus, it was nice that they understood and enforced 'suiter priority' in line - when you see a suiter going back to the room, chances are they're pretty hot already and need to take a break and get some water.

- Pittsburgh is a beautiful city. 
  Although I didn't explore it too much, the half-mile area or so around the hotel was beautiful, safe, clean, and historic.  Amazing skyscrapers, bridges, and rivers.  Very walkable.  I really liked it.   Much better than Atlanta IMHO.

-The Westin staff and local shop keeps were nice and never talked down to me/us.
Hey, this con may not be their "thing" but at least they didn't make me feel like a weirdo, like some of the hotel workers at FWA.  In fact, I loved how places like Furnandos made custom shirts and sold dog-bowls full of donuts for the con!

- People are so friendly and easy to talk to.  You can show up to the con solo and leave with more new friends than you ever thought possible. :)

But, some cons as well...

- Drunken brah-sportsfan douchebags suck.   They harrassed Nexus and I while waiting for the elevators after the dances, and while she might be more used to it as a mascot, I wasn't too happy with their negative sayings and what they kept inferring while taking photos 'to freak people out'.

- Beer.  Is it really that hard to find someplace to purchase beer around the hotel and bring back to your room?  Apparently so.  Even with 3 liquor stores within blocks of the hotel, none of them sold beer.  So, I had to make due with liquor....

-Everything closes early, or doesn't open at all.   I understand the '9-5' mentality with businesses there... similar to Atlanta... but with the thousands of congoers around, ready to spend money on nom noms, beverages, and other necessities (coolers, ice, Febreeze), one would think that most places would stay open around there. 

-Lazy non-suiters need to take stairs at the convention center during the busy times.  Don't cram the only elevator going to the con floor when a line of suiters really needs to use it.   That one flight of stairs won't kill ya.

-Same goes for in the hotel.  When you're going less than 5 flights, and not in suit/carrying anything, take the stairs.  It really is faster than the elevator, usually.

- Hardcore D-n-B and Dubstep is cool and all, but personally I find it hard to dance/glowstick to unrecognizable thumping with random noises.  The lighting and the space was super cool though... but please play more trance or house or pop-music remixes on the main floor.  The fursuit dance lounge was pretty cool, but didn't have the feel of the main ballroom.