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FWA - Friday
Friday night was getting settled, and trying out the suit for the first time.   I had some friends come by that night for dinner and to hang out/people watch/go to the dances, and thankful for it.   I couldn't zip myself into my actual suit!   (note to self - bring a clip-on lanyard like wetsuits.)

I decided to wear a 'partial' to the dance - with my rave pants, long-sleeve Burton tshirt, and my paws/footpaws/head.  Grabbed the glowsticks.... and my friend in his bunny-suit, other friends, the camera, and off we went. 

The dance was so much fun.  The music was.... alright.  Some good songs.  The lighting was good.  But that wasn't what made it great... the energy and vibe of everyone is what made it rock, especially the other suiters.   So much fun.  I was off in another world.   Last year, the dance was great too.  But I didn't have the feeling of kinship like I did this time.   Others in suits actually danced with me, and that made me happy.

I forgot to put my skullcap on though, and learned for future times how important it was to put that on... I kept having sweat in my eyes!  But I didn't care.  It was sooo totally worth it.

Passed out in the room.  Ready for more on Saturday.

Bring it.


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