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FWA - Saturday
Well, after a late night and some alcohol consumption, it was a bit rough getting up in the AM, but my friend who crashed in the room and I made it up about 11.00, showered, and started off.

We checked out the dealer booths, the artist den, and took photos of suiters and whatnot around the con.  Grabbed a bite in the mall and headed back to see the fursuits gathering in the main hall for the parade.  I took a few photos and looked at the time. . . .and debated for a moment if I should go get my full suit on, or just watch.    It was an internal struggle....
   ....I was unsure about my comfort level walking around different terrains for the parade, the heat of the suit, afraid something might not look right, cutting holes in my hockey pants, etc
   ....but this was the whole reason I dropped some serious coin on a fursuit :-D

Guess which side won.   ^__^

I rushed up with my friend to get the suit on, and with my practice of quick-gear changes for hockey practice, it took about 10 minutes to change from a mild-mannered gawker to a hockey playing husky for the parade.    And all in all, wasn't too bad for mobility and vision, and thankfully I had the Under Armour shirt/pants/skullcap underneath to help with the heat.

I made it down to the meeting hall right about the time the doors opened up for us to parade around.   I ended up behind the ukulele-playing/Keytar-playing foxy couple singing Ke$ha, Lady Gaga, and Train.   It made me laugh and helped me keep the beat, and really get into it.   Of course, hindsight is 20-20, and I really wished I brought my hockey stick, but I think I had my photo taken a bunch, in my unique nothern-Quebec hockey jersey.    And I was able to escape the sun for the group photo.

After the parade, all the suiters made it back around and into the headless lounge, and I got a FWA water bottle and got to see everyone else, chat with others, and just hang out.   It was great.

I then went across to the photo studio, and waited to get my photo taken.  I got a cool looking badge, and can't wait to see the other shots that came out.  Even better - I met two furs from Philly  (Kohaku and Little Wolf) who were great to chat with and learn a bit more about AC, their suits, etc.   We exchanged information later - we'll certainly keep in touch.

After photos, I had to head back to the room and dry off/cool down.   I showered and my buddy and I got a bite to eat, came back, did some more shopping, and I got partial-furred to go down and watch the dance competition.     Amazing show... I reallllllly wished I kept my phone with me to remember some of the fursona names and songs they danced to.   One song was called "slackjaw" I think, and another was some hip-hop remake with the lyrics from Tik-Tok, but with a Tiesto-ish beat?    All in all, it was amazing.

Sadly, my friend had to leave during the performance, but I headed upstairs and got my dance-gear again for another night of raving.   Again, I was glad I brought my dance pants and long-sleeve shirt, as dancing in my full suit would have probably been a bit too much for my first full-out fursuit experience.     The dancing was great - again, the music was just ok.... not bad, but not the kind of stuff I usually like.  It was the other furs and taking breaks in the lounge, chatting with people, scritching on the dance floor, glowsticking.    

I made it back to the room about 4AM.   Got out of the gear.   Passed out.   Happy husky.


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