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FWA - Sunday
Well, all good things must come to an end.  After a long night/early morning, I wanted to get up and have one more set of photos taken at the photo studio - this time with my hockey stick.

When I took my photos the day before, they didn't have a prop hockey stick, but some plastic lawn flamingos.   While they were good in theory, they looked kinda goofy... so I went home to pick up the stick and try again Sunday morning.

I rushed out of bed and showered, and headed down to the studio right as they opened at 10, to see if there was going to be a wait like Saturday.   Thankfully, there wasn't, so I rushed upstairs and in 10 minutes, got my full suit back on MYSELF!!! I grabbed my stick, and headed downstairs for some great shots.    Purchased some more prints, and can't wait to see the shots when they are uploaded.

I then rushed back upstairs to get changed, packed, and out the door.    By that time, people were waking up and doing the same thing...scrambling to get out the door by the 12:00 checkout time.    Elevators were swamped.  So, I had to make three trips to the car with my stuff using the stairs, and man is that tiring.   It felt hotter than being in my suit!

I loaded up the Disco and took one last walk around the con floor.   People were heading out, getting their last goodbyes and shopping fixes before their next con.  I packed up and fought the Atlanta Marathon / Interstate construction traffic to get home, and then promptly passed out for a bit before  starting the unpacking/Febreezing/washing process of stuff.

All in all, an amazing time.   I can't wait... 91 days I believe until AC, and I'm hoping to get at least airfare and con tickets this week.  

More photos posted up later, or will be on my webpage:


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