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Busy husky

Lets see.... over the past month or so, in between the craziness of real life -

-I've made contacts with a few furs heading to AC, including nexus_folf - a Furlington (wait...scratch that - BURlington) Vermont dweller, goes to UVM, and is RALLY frickin' CATAMOUNT!  ^_^

-Got the photos from the FWA photo shoot.  I'll put a few of the choice shots later.  So glad I ran home and got my stick!

-Got my badge commission from Tanginello in the mail.   Amazing detail and coloring, and what a cool piece.

-Arranged for a few more comish's for pick up when I arrive.  Kavik as a Gryffindor alum FTW!

-Picked up a lamination machine to cover a few of the items that weren't already laminated.   About $19 at Costco, and does an amazing job.  Now I just need a ID-hole punch....

-Arranged for some arm-length paws, and detachable tail from Shengoh.  Will make the dances a bit more comfortable so I won't have to wear a long sleeve shirt under my t-shirt, and I can attach a tail to my dancepants :3 

-Got my Action Packer and some TSA-approved locks.  I may hack my case with a ziptie-loop or canvas strap to put my name tag /luggage sticker tag through.  (since they're designed to go around a handle on a suitcase...and stickers don't stick to the box)

-Got some more Under Armour base-layers for freshness every day, and a wetsuit-style hanger with a built in fan... which cuts the drying time of my suit in half!

Well, that's about it.  Between now and AC will be a busy time, out of the town for most of it.  (Too bad Euroference isn't now, 'cause I'll be in Germany) 

Getting to Pittsburgh will be so nice.  ^^;

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I have an ID punch. Remind me to bring it along sometime.

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